Why People are Attracted to the Medical Coding and Billing Profession

I. People are attracted to the medical coding and billing career for several reasons:
  • they enjoy the healthcare field, medical terminology, and anatomy, and understand numbers and codes
  • they like helping people but prefer to work independently, from their own area away from the public's eye
  • they are detail oriented and meticulous when it comes to their work
  • they know how principles of the computer, and how to find answers to problems
  • they prefer intensive accelerated training courses and then get out and hit the workforce fast
  • they enjoy learning-by-doing, and learning additional skills through workshops, and online courses
  • they are serious about their career and enjoy constantly learning new things as the rules and laws constantly change
  • they see the possibility to start their own business down the line
  • they want to earn their money doing what they love

Indeed most distance education courses in medical coding and billing programs do not take very long to complete. Students can complete their courses in just a few weeks, or months, and get out making money using new skills fast.

However, anybody serious about their career should consider enrolling in a Medical Coding and Billing course at a vocational training institution, or college, especially if they do not have any prior training in office procedures, keyboarding, health education, biology, anatomy, business math, and simple bookkeeping.

II. A certificate program in medical coding and billing typically requires the following courses, which is followed by a clinical practicum:

1. Medical Terminology
2. Human Anatomy and Physiology
3. Pathology and Disease Processes
4. Keyboarding
5. Health Information Management
6. CPT Coding
7. ICD-9-CM Coding
8. Healthcare Laws and Ethics

Important is to realize that the medical coding and billing specialist's training and learning does not end here! Medical coders and billers always have to keep learning, because the rules and laws in health care, along with the medical coding software programs constantly change! It truly is an interesting, and challenging career.

III. The need for well trained medical coding and billing staff is so great, that students from accredited programs often have jobs before they are completely finished with school. Physicians appreciate well trained, dependable medical coding and billing staff, because not being paid for their services, or being charged large penalties due to improper coding could mean financial disaster, and cost them their livelihood.

IV. Once hired, medical coders and billers hold secure jobs, with good future outlook. Once a position is secured, their supervisors will have to spend a great deal of time training their new medical coder one-on-one, for several weeks, if not months. Once training has stopped and coder is gaining experience by doing and partaking in continuing education classes, chances are good their bosses will want keep them. A medical coder and biller that makes sure the employers are pleased can expect to be handsomely rewarded. This may also include regular pay raises, perks, and other valuable fringe benefits.

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