An Ounce of Caution on Job Search and Online Applications

On Online Job Applications

Many people are desperate for work, in these hard times, especially those wanting to do medical coding or billing.

When looking for medical coding jobs you might come across job ads for work from home positions. When checking further into these positions, you might find that these posts are actually not jobs but ads trying to sell you information on how to become a medical coder, or for booklets for sale to tell you that if you call medical offices, clinics, hospitals, or other types of health care facilities they might hire you to do their coding and billing from home.

Our advice: If you wish to work from home, don't discard offers for in-house positions! If you do well, the employer may be willing to let you telecommute (work from home) after a period of time.

Other Job Scams

On the local news, a man came to Florida and advertised he had jobs at his DME company. Anyone wishing to apply had to go to his website, apply for the job, and pay $25 upfront for a background check.

The problem: The DME company didn't exist! There were NO jobs. Over 100 people fell for this scam. Our advice: Anyone looking for a medical coding position should thoroughly check the website prior to filling out online applications. Be careful!!!

Temporary work companies (temp agencies) often do a background check on applicants for medical coding and billing jobs, but they don't ask that YOU pay for it. And remember: Medicaid requires all applicants to pay for a background check, including billing agents, but Medicaid is reliable.

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