Professional Continuing Education for Medical Coders

One valuable commodity on the Internet is readily accessible continuing education programs for professionals. However, where nursing continuing education (CE) programs can be easily found on hundreds of nursing websites, professional continuing education programs for those in the medical coding and billing industry remain scarce.

One possible reason is that nurses were always expected to continue their education beyond the classroom to maintain their licenses, and secure their job. However, when it comes to unlicensed allied healthcare professionals, such as the medical coder, it was not expected until just recently.

Now that new state laws and rules in Medicare, HIPAA, and OIG compliance are on the rise, suddenly employers realize that having only the best staff under their employ pays off big! Now, when they hire they try to select applicants that are certified over those who are not.

This increased awareness has contributed to a new trend, where more and more medical coding and billing professionals elect to sit for medical coding and billing certification exams to get their credentials. It is an important step toward professional excellence.

Being a professional means commitment to continuing one's education and to pursue practice enhancing learning. This commitment to self improvement in field-specific aspects of professional competence, such as foundational knowledge and technical skills is very important to remain competitive in the field and reach higher goals. However, obtaining enough annual contact hours to maintain professional credentials can be a challenge at times.
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One big concern for professionals who need annual Continuing Education Units (CEU's) is lack of availability, money, and time. They often work full time and have extremely tight schedules, family obligations and limited funds which makes it difficult.

When medical billers and coders need the latest health care news and annual CEU's in an uncomplicated, straight forward environment they can always count on BC Advantage Magazine, and the Online CEU Center! Not only that... There also is an active medical billing forum designed specifically for medical billing and coding professionals. We highly recommend this invaluable resource to all our medical billers and coders.

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Working Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

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  • Remain competitive in this rapidly growing job market


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Whether To Start Your Own Medical Billing Business

Medical billers can bring vast knowledge and flexibility to the table when they function as medical reimbursement consultants to medical practices and clinics to help them become more efficient.

In our research we came across Synergy MIS, a service that offers medical billing business solutions that meets all expectations. Synergy MIS left an immediate impression on us as the premier solution for the new and established home based or small medical billing office.

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