EOB Question

Today I finally received a comment from a person that was NOT a medical coder or working in the medical billing industry. The form was sent through the Medical Coding and Billing .com web site contact form by the other part of medical coding and billing, the consumer (recipient of medical services). Nice to know, that such a broad audience visits my site and finds it useful as well.

The question was: What exactly is the EOB, I mean, what do the letters stand for.

Simple: EOB is short for Explanation of Benefits which is a notification sent by the medical insurance company administrators after processing a medial insurance claim.

The EOB explains the total amount the health care provider billed for medical services, the amount paid under the insurance contract, and who was paid. Patients should keep a copy of their bills from the health care provider of medical services to compare them to the EOB.

Hope this explains it!

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