Accredited Medial Coding and Billing Training in Illinois

If you live in Illinois I highly encourage you to check out the Computer Systems Institute (CSI).

Here is why: CSI offers comprehensive accredited vocational training programs that lead toward the necessary knowledge and skills to perform proficiently and sucessfully in a medical coding and billing job!

CSI prepares you for industry-recognized certifications. Earned credit hours can be transferred to major institutions and applied toward a desired degree. It's definitely worth taking a look!!!

Illinois CSI Campuses are located in the following communities:

  1. Chicago
  2. Skokie
  3. Lombard
  4. Gurne

Every healthcare provider, whether a medical doctor, poditrists, dentist, or surgeon that delivers a service receives money for these services. While most of them prefer to collect payment from patients at the end of the office visit, the majority of their fees are processed by filing a claim with the patient's health insurance provider, managed care organization, or government entities.

Coding for services in healthcare is complicated and therefore employers prefer to hire trained, and often, certified individuals to ascertain that their coder is proficient and familiar with different types of insurance plans and codes, and knows how to process and submit claims electronically, and enter codes into databases. They must also be able to collect payments, make adjustments, interprete EOB's, handle denied claims, and process appeals.

Eventually, an experienced medical record coder and biller may advance into higher more interesting positions, such as a senior technician who specializes in coding, particularly in the realm of Medicare coding, or in tumor registry.

If you are already familiar with CSI, or planning on joining their programs, please feel free to leave us your comments!

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