Medical Practice Management in the New Millennium

We are witnessing the approach of a new era!

Actually, healthcare computing, IT solutions in disease management, and medical informatics is nothing new, however, because the United States of America's health care system is still largely based on paper and ink, President Bush, many politicians, and health care providers have decided to follow other country's examples, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, and Australia, and are collaborating on plans where within the next ten years all people under the care of a physician in the USA will have an electronic patient record!

Inevitably, this means that physicians, clinicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical office, health system, and benefit managers, HIPAA, and claims processing professionals, which includes the medical coders, and billers, as well as clinical and administrative medical assistants, and many other professionals working in the various settings of the health care delivering industry will have to prepare and adjust for changes to come!

Learn more about the unique challenges that implementation and maintenance of electronic medical records brings to the medical office. And if you have any comments, please post them here!

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