Extreme Caution Example!

Don't become one of those horror stories where students wind up with diplomas, or certificates that are completely worthless.

A certificate is a credible document (usually to attest to, or prove the validity of what it states). Although most online learning programs offer some sort of certificate of completion, this should not be confused with professional certification or a diploma awarded to graduates from vocational training institutions or community colleges upon finishing their programs.

A non-recognized, non-accredited, no-education-credits online course certificate of completion is not the same as the documentation awarded to graduates from bonafide vocational training programs.

Professional certification is an official document that attests to the holder's professional skills. It certifies that the person is proficient and qualified to perform a certain job because he/she has the specific knowledge, skills, and experience.

Consumers MUST UNDERSTAND that when a certificate is issued by a gray-area, unrecognized, non-accredited school, online course, or worse a diploma mill, it is by no means confirmation of conferment of an individual's knowledge, academic excellence, or qualifications, because of the lack of regulation, supervision, and recognition. At best, such a certificate is simply a piece of paper to either put on file, or frame and display on your bedroom wall.

Extreme Caution Example!

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