Medical Coding Salary

Why do so many employers feel they need to hide their salary range in their advertisements? Probably because they want to make sure your main focus in not so much on the money but on a long term commitment, and being happy.


Perks can come in form of reimbursement of tuition expenses, flexible working hours, 401(k) contribution, on-site daycare and health clubs, company paid training, mobile phone and/or laptop computer, paid professional membership to associations and institutes, vacation and personal holidays, paid sick-days, car parking expenses, tax deductible expenses, and the possibility of working from home. Many of these factors are intangible benefits - depending on your situation they may be very important, for example the option of working from home for a mother having small kids or a disabled family member to look after.

When responding to a post for possible employment remember that you also want to also ask about...

* any costs affiliated with such offers
* the coding qualifications required
* a coding test as part of the hiring process.

Okay, okay! But HOW MUCH can a medical coder earn? We have just posted the answer.

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