What Happens When a Patient Can't Pay Medical Bills

Protecting Assets from Unexpected Risks

A new article by San Diego attorney Robert J. Mintz of the Asset Protection Law Center, examines the legal and practical consequences to the patient of unexpected medical bills, far beyond what the individual is able to pay. What happens if the patient has some retirement savings or some funds tucked away for a child’s education? Will medical bills from an injury or illness wipe out everything that has been saved over the years?

An issue of increasing importance in the legal field addresses the question of how to protect accumulated savings from medical expense related liability risks, according to an article by attorney Robert J. Mintz in the August edition of the The Asset Protection Newsletter. The problem, according to Mintz, is that a brief stay in the hospital may cost tens of thousands of dollars and a serious injury or illness lasting weeks or months can exceed almost anybody's ability to pay. Is there any advance planning available to protect individuals and families from unexpected medical bills?

The potential for financial disaster is well known and obvious to those who are uninsured. But even for those who are lucky enough to be insured under private or employer plans, the financial risk remains significant. Uncovered medical expenses due to lifetime policy caps, large co-payments, coverage exclusions and outright denial of claims can result in unexpected medical bills that would financially stagger even the wealthiest individuals.

"What happens if a patient has uncovered medical bills from an accident or illness?"

"Is the family home and savings in jeopardy from these bills?”

"Is there any way to legally protect accumulated savings from uncovered and unexpected medical bills?"

In the Auguest 2011 issue of the Asset Protection Newsletter, Mr. Mintz answers these questions and addresses the legal issues of asset protection against medical expense risks. A complete copy of the article can be read at What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills?

Author: Robert Mintz
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