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The following question was posted today in our active Medical Billing Community forum where this question is not new to us. We get questions revolving around how to start a medical billing business from home quite often from new individuals in this field. I say new, because seasoned medical billers and their medical coding counterparts already figured out that doing medical billing from home requires certain distinct steps; however, here is where this new medical billing and coding graduate who asked is right on the mark--she, too realizes that this goal takes time. She states she hopes to achieve it within the next five years.

Re: Medical billing/coding from home
I've just received my billing/coding certificate and I have a while before I even want to try to take on a home business. But I've looked everywhere and can't find any information on how to do this work from home. Can anyone give me steps to how to begin this process? Do I go to the provider and ask to be hired but say I want to work from home? Or ... I'm just so confused with all this. ANY help would be nice. I want to start preparing myself for the years to come, because doing this from home is one of my short term (within 5 years) goals.

Danni R. responds:
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We have discussed this topic a few times, here at the forum. For most who eventually started their own medical billing business from a home office it was not something that happened overnight. They have been in the field as an employee with trusted employer relationships for years, and have made contacts with doctors and clinics who have earned their trust. This would be the point where one could say: "Doctor So-and-so, I am looking for opportunities to do this job from my home office. Would you allow me to take some of your billing home."

So, in a nutshell, your education counts, experience counts, employee relationships count, and trust and references count. Then, when you have all this under your belt make sure your resume is updated and shines, also make sure you have researched and know local and state laws as to what is required via city ordincane and zoning, and such, to run a home business. Find out how to incorporate your business. Although you could "freelance" it, an LLC provides you with a certain amount of protection.

May be our Steve can add a couple more tips. In the meantime, try our forum's search function for older discussions around this topic. Good luck.

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