Kim's Advice: "Get Your Medical Biller On!"

Medical_billing Kim V., Certified Medical Biller

Medical Billing—Find Your Calling!

This is a good time to become a medicalbiller, a career in which you can be trained quickly and where you can grow professionally and as a person. This site is designed to help you find information you need to become a medical biller, find local schools for medical billing training and quickly locate job opportunities in your state for medical billing and coding employment.

What Medical Billers Do:

Medical billing is versatile and rewarding. To understand medical billing you must know what medical billers are and aren't,for example medical billers are not medical coders (although they understand certain aspects of coding).

Medical Billers have one goal: billing for medical and healthcare services, medications, equipment, supplies and consultations. It is a systematic procedure of billing and collecting professional fees for medical and healthcare services provided to patients. That means we send a claim to an insurance company, we post payments, we respond to outside information requests that relate to the claim, we follow up on a claim with no response, we communicate with the patient or their insurance company about a claim that is denied, in review or pended. We send statements to the patient and we turn over delinquent accounts to the providers debt collection agency. Doing it right requires a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the medical billing process and health insurance company rules.

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